My name is Gosia Mosz and 

        I am a children's illustration artist.

        You may also be familiar with my 

        artistic work under the name

             Mayo Nmg 


 Books & Illustrations

„What Gnu know” Brown Publishing Network / Macmillan

''Sen o Krainie Parakwarii '' Nasza Ksiegarnia Publishing

"Little Red Riding Hood" illustrations for Harcourt School Publishing

”Alicja w Krainie czarów” Nasza Ksiegarnia Publishing

“Po drugiej stronie lustra” Nasza Ksiegarnia Publishing

“Niefruwak Piechotny” Joanna Kulmowa, Nasza Ksiegarnia Publishing

“Tajemnicze notesy Tywonki”  Ezop Publishing

“Hanukkah Moon” author Deborah da Costa, Kar-Ben Publishing

"How the Milky Way Came to Be"  Macmillan Publishing

“Cats Comes Too”   autor Hazel Hutchins, Annick Press Publishing

” Dog Comes Too”  autor Hazel Hutchins, Annick Press Publishing


“Hanukkah Moon” has been

 recognized as a 2008 Notable

Book for Younger Readers by

The Sydney Taylor Book Awards


Honeytrap – group show in Strychnin Gallery Berlin 

KunStart 2009- Art show in Bolzano Italy

7 Year itch -Anniversary group show in Strychnin Gallery

Stranger In My Home

I created a posters collection “Stranger In MyHome" and set up online shop Stranger In My Home. www.strangerinmyhome.com



“The Garden Of Eye Candy” Book – great collections of artists by 
Bigbrosworkshop & Basheer Graphic Books

"The Age of European Drawing” – special edition My DPI Magazine

My DPI Magazine – interview

Oh Really Magazine

Carpaccio Magazine

Area Zinc Magazine

Lieblingsempire Calendar 2009 book illustrators


Mayo Nmg

In 2009 I adopted artistic name Mayo Nmg and  I set up a website www.mayo-nmg.com where I present my artistic works